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First time seeing a Dominatrix? Useful article on etiquette HERE

Did you think you were going to get vanilla sex? Silly boy...trix are for prostitutes not Dommes here if you are one of those guys who doesn't understand the difference.

Sensual, Erotic, Domination by Gorgeous Mistresses

Getting an interactive show is easy! If the number listed below her picture is pink then it is her direct number [texting ok] and she will answer when she gets a moment. For an instant response call the number in red and you can speak to another performer (or slave Eddie) at the studio.

Once you get parked near the studio, you may call or text for final instructions to her door. Do not keep your Mistress waiting. She will be expecting you on time. If you become delayed or it looks like you are going to be more than 10min late, let her know ASAP!

So now you ask, "What happens when I arrive?" or "How does this work?

You ring the bell (the white wireless button above the lock) and the door is answered by the very same amazing Goddess that you see in the pictures (only she will be even hotter than imagined). A little friendly chat in the foyer is your first opportunity to connect with your Mistress and outline what femdom fantasy, fetish, kink, or naughty deed brought you to her. Then she will give you a towel and order you to take a shower. Take your time and remember to dry yourself thoroughly because Mistresses like clean slaves to play with. (put your clothes in the basket provided) When you are clean and dry proceed to the studio (listen for the music) and present yourself to your Mistress, then the session (fun) starts.

Remember to always address her as "Mistress" not "dear" or "honey" or "babe"....

Extra points if you have a shaved or waxed undercarriage.

She will know how much you can take of an activity therefore safe words are not really necessary but speak up if your are a beginner sub  if you think it is getting a bit scary and "stop" is universally understood to mean, play stops and you are removed from bondage quickly. (this has never happened at any of our studios and we are all trained to recognize signs of health trouble and what to do about it).

If you have brought your own toy make sure it is clean and sterile and preferably only been used on you.

Need more tips? Email: to get impartial answers to specific questions.

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