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The Ladies are back!  Sessions are Available now!  Get a session with a Mistress near you today!  See changes on How to get a session on the "Appointments" page.
Our mini-independent dungeon model has been (almost) perfected! The providers represented here are naturally playful, sensual, intuative  practitioners. They are well versed in the art of our particular brand of Femme-Domination which is now taught online from our model studio in Europe.  Auditions for new talent are constant as "finding" talent is a big part of what we do. If you know anyone who is naturally dominant yet sane and mindful of the D/S dynamic (or very keen to learn) then tell them about our low-cost and listing/training, facilitation and consulting services.  We are easy to find on Skype by searching: "findmydominatrix".

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Note: This is not an "escort" service...this is fantasy fulfillment and is much more sophisticated. If you are looking for a simple yet high quality massage/companion service we recommend searching for a legal sex club in your area after you have found a date on Tinder or the local coffee shop. Stay legal, stay safe...the Conservatives are Watching!  
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